Attic Energy Barriers

Looking for a cost-effective way to lower your heating and cooling bills? Then eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier is what you are looking for. Tests by the Department of Energy show that eShield delivers more energy savings than twelve inches of additional fiberglass insulation.

Save on your energy bills:

  • State-of-the-art foil laminating technology
  • Stops over 97% of radiant transfer, the primary source of energy loss
  • Works for the life of your home - no settling, condensation or mildew
  • No dangerous fibers - hypoallergenic
  • Needs no maintenance or replacement
  • Pays for itself faster than any other home improvement
Before eShield After eShield

The eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier is designed to keep heat in when the weather is cold and keep it out when the weather is hot. The same radiant barrier technology that is used in space can produce dramatic results in your home’s attic—decreasing your heating and cooling bills.

How eShield works

eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier is highly versatile—the configuration on your attic and your relative heating and cooling requirements will determine the best installation method. Go with a Pro® to ensure proper installation of your attic energy barrier.

eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier may qualify for state and energy company rebates. Request a free in-home consultation to learn what’s available in your area.

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